Dining in Payson

La Sierra Mexican Restaurant
If you are looking for Mexican food that is delicious, then stop here while you are in the area. The tacos are made to perfection. You can order dishes with one item such as an enchilada, or you can order a few different items so that you have a variety. The margaritas are huge and one of the favorite items on the menu. The Green Chile Pork is a unique dish that you should try. Order it with the spicy salsa for an added kick to your palate.

This is your classic bar and restaurant that you would see in any small town. The bar area is small, but the service is impeccable. You can order a drink before dinner, or come in the evening for a tall glass of beer to enjoy while your favorite game is on television. There is an outdoor patio if you like to eat outside. The items on the menu are affordable. One of the items that the restaurant serves that you might not suspect is New York Strip. It is cooked so that the natural juices run when you cut into it, and it is very tender to eat. A great side item is the baked potato.

Macky's Grill
This small restaurant serves hamburgers, steaks, and other deli sandwiches. There is a large eating area outside because the inside of the restaurant is small. The chili is homemade, and instead of onion rings, you can order onion straws with your meal. The restaurant also has moist carrot cake and other desserts. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with wooden tables, chairs, and cowboy items on the walls.

Pizza Factory
If you are looking for hand tossed crust, homemade sauce, and fresh ingredients in a pizza, then this is the place to eat at. You can dine in or have your food delivered. The breadsticks are delicious and covered with just a sprinkle of garlic salt and Parmesan cheese. All of the pizzas have a large amount of cheese and other ingredients.

After you have had a large meal, one of the things that you should try for dessert is an ice cream cone from Scoops. The small ice cream store resembles a coffee house because there are couches for customers to sit on, games to play, and televisions in different areas of the building. There are things that you can add to the top of your ice cream like nuts and berries.